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Concave Round Nose Pliers

Concave Round Nose Pliers

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These pliers feature one round jaw end and one half round (concave) end.

They are a game changer especially if you struggle with making perfect loops using flat nose and round nose pliers!  Even if your loop making skills are great they are still ideal for a variety of tasks, we can’t recommend them enough!

They work great on both wire and pins, they fold the metal in one go (and precisely) so there is no need for flat nose and round nose pliers. They are perfect for upcycling the smallest metal off cuts to make eye pins and if you are using expensive wire (such as silver or gold filled wire) straight off the reel, the wastage using these pliers is minimal. No more wonky loops, these make having a perfectly central loop easy.

Size: 12 cm long

Comfortable non slip grip handles

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